Mi Abuelo Ramón Andres

My Grand Father Ramon Andres Marrero Caballero from my Mother’s side of the family was born in 1908 and died in 1997 on Christmas eve.
He went through pandemics, World Wars, the great depression and many trials and tribulations.
When he was on 3rd grade he won two academic awards for attendance and academic progress and it was gifted by his teacher circa 1916: An English/Spanish/French/Italian dictionary and a hard bound beautiful ilustrated tome of Uncle Tom’s Cabin; a keepsake I still treasure.
When I was 10 years old I read the novel several times and it brought tears to my eyes.
It helped me to have compasion for other races.
He only reached the 4th grade school level.
But sadly, He had to abandon the school to go to work and help his family.
And yet, he still managed to become a humble man of culture by daily reading on his own and he was always surrounded by many books and publications of all sorts.
My Great grandma was a pious devoted Catholic loving lady who practiced the prescense of God. She was constantly praying during her daily home tasks.
And She will bestow upon you God’s blessings. When she suffered from senility and old age in her 90’s she will still mumble God on her lips and will look at you with love and affection. There were moments she will recognize me and turned very happy and embrace you with God on her lips.Grandfather